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... confused by all the options...?

Off-Grid, Grid-Tied or Hybrid?

Whilst we would all like to be completely self-sufficient when it comes to power generation, the costs can be prohibitive and the options baffling.

The smart alternative, and an easy way to start your SOLAR journey, is to go partially off the grid by way of a hybrid system. Take your essential and low draw items - for example, lights, fridge and TV - completely off-grid on a separate electrical circuit that has no physical connection to the grid mains. The rest of the devices in the home run using grid power and/or a grid-connected solar system.



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Save yourself time, money and hassles when installing your next off grid system!

Our complete off grid starter kit is built with everything you need for an off grid system in a pre-wired format that is easy to install. This pre-wired system saves you precious hours of on-site installing, and avoids the discovery that you need extra parts you don’t have on hand. Pre-wiring also ensures that all components are functional and ready to go.

Powered by Integrated Power System

Our off grid starter kit is powered by the Sea-Gull 24V 2400W Integrated Power System. This all-in-one system includes a 25A MPPT Solar Charge Controller, a 2400W Pure Sine Wave Inverter, and a 30A Multi-Stage Battery Charger.

This off grid starter kit is a compact, easy to install, and relocatable all-in-one system. This cost effective set-up is suitable for demountables and small homes, and can be used with a backup generator.


Integrated Power Systems

Built with some of the most advanced technology available, Sea-Gull Integrated Power Systems (IPS) are the ultimate all-in-one unit for managing solar and battery systems. Each IPS combines the functionality of a solar charge controller, pure sine wave inverter, and AC battery charger into one compact, sleek unit. Using the onboard LCD control panel allows you to both program the system with your own settings, and keep track of how your system is running at a glance. Want a closer look at the performance? Simply install the included monitoring and data recording software onto your computer and connect directly to the IPS for a detailed view.

But what is a hybrid or partial off-grid solar system?

A hybrid system is one which uses solar energy to charge a bank of batteries (with a built-in battery charger as a back-up) and supplies electricity - through a Hybrid inverter - to a specific set of circuits (generally the lower draw items like lights, electronic appliances, fridges etc), whilst the grid (Eskom) supplies the heavy draw items and acts as a back-up.

This solution is the ideal starter system as it starts off at a relatively low cost base whilst initiating long term cost saving and ensuring a stable power supply for essential items.

Low-draw items
High-draw appliances

Solar panels

Solar panels and/or grid power

Hybrid solar inverter


Grid-tied inverter

Advantages of a hybrid solar system

(Grid-connected solar or grid only)

(Off-grid solar system)

For most homes, electricity usage patterns for certain things are completely regular and predictable. Refrigerators, lighting and chargers for smartphones and laptops, for example, all consume minimal amounts of electricity at a given time, making them “low risk” devices to target for removal from a grid-connected electricity circuit. Imagine if you could use them 24/7 knowing that they’re running on your home-grown solar energy - making you largely independent of the grid, but also resting comfortably with grid access whenever you need it for the rest of your home. This is the promise of a partial off-grid solar system.